The Gordons

Barnabas was probably the single biggest thing I have done for myself in my life, not only as far as how to relate to other people, but how to feel again, how to get back the passion of life.

Kevin Gordon

Ed & Sheri

I have more passion for life and tools that help me be the strong and confident woman, mom, and counselor I am today. Sheri Vaden I was able to look at myself honestly for the first time in my life, acknowledge what was good and what needed changing, was equipped with the tools to change and the community (family)that helped me bring about that change.

Ed Wise


Last year my life had gotten to a point so low I did not even recognize it as the bottom. By some unknowable grace I managed to second guess my cut and run instincts and the Barnabas Journey somehow came into my life as an option for dealing with it all. It took hitting rock bottom for me to even entertain the notion of asking for help (much less taking it). It was the single most significant decision I have ever made.
Barnabas is a process (a Journey if you will) by which you are led to come to terms with your life and your role in it. It is a community of people who by virtue of their presence will take you for what you are and nothing else. You will not be a hero to them nor will you be villain. No matter what. Barnabas first leads you to an honest experience of yourself but it will also give you tools the give that experience some longevity beyond the learning space of the sessions themselves.

You do not have to be on the ragged edge like I was to want this for yourself.Barnabas is for anyone seeking a means by which to live their life more fully. Barnabas has been described as: 7 years of therapy compressed into 7 days. It was that and more for me.

Jesse Bock


I experienced real people who were compassionate and emotionally present.Barnabas helped me improve my relationships and take a different look at my life.

Barnabas was life changing for me. –Matt Droter


The most important lesson I learned from my Barnabas journey is that of living in community with those who love and believe in me. As one who battles severe depression, I had grown up isolating and hiding. Barnabas gave me the taste of a loving and safe community and provided tools for me to reach out, share my heart, and take in the love that is there for me. I am forever grateful.



image001I was introduced to Barnabas by a friend who was concerned for my personal health and safety. I lost my job, my gorgeous apartment, and the man I was with for 3 years. I was finally broken. Spiritually, financially,emotionally, mentally and physically I ceased to exist and at this point I wanted off this ride of life. Suicide became the word I whispered to myself every day. BARNABAS was my God sent answer!!! This workshop was intense and insightful. Most importantly I learned that only I can control myself. I learned new ways of seeing being and living my life!! Connie and the team leaders at Barnabas saved a broken woman, and ultimately saved a life.


Steve & Marilyn

image012My journey through Barnabas changed my life in many ways. I now understand that my drive to be “perfect” was misaligned and that just being “me” was not just OK, but good. I learned to be honest with myself …. and just as important … to others. I was able to release some regrets that had haunted me for decades causing middle of the night sweats and guilt. I will always be grateful to the Barnabas team and its mission for helping me be the person that NOW, I like.


My life was touched by Barnabas in so many ways. Through my group and the leaders, I actually experienced the truth of God’s love rather than simply knowing about it. I have attended (key word here – attended) church all my life, and have never been taught about “real” grace. Through the processes from the workshop and listening to others within the group, I learned about who I am and why I am that way. This helped me become aware of my misguided beliefs that kept me from being free to love myself and others. I learned to be vulnerable (a problem I have) within a safe group that I believe truly loves me. This was the beginning of trusting others, and seven years later I am at a place that I never dreamed possible.


image004 (1)Barnabas taught me that I needed to allow another person to meet me in relationship. I had previously never understood that for relationships to be effective, they must be mutual. I was a shape shifter willing to take on any change needed to maintain the union. I never realized how exhausted I was until I learned to put down my false self and love me for me. I learned that fear and love cannot coexist. Barnabas helped me learn to choose love over fear.




My husband and I attended the Barnabas Journey in 2006.Barnabas provided a safe and loving place for me to examine issues that were crippling me in my life. It also freed me from other issues I had taken ownership of… which were not mine to own. God’s Grace radically met me there through the hands and feet of His people. The journey left me with a deeper understanding of God’s relentless love and grace that only He can provide.




It was 1997 when I went through Group 7, I can still say 21 years later that there is not a day that I have not applied something I learned from Barnabas. It truly changed the course of my life. It was through Barnabas that I learned how to quit playing games that only caused me more harm like blaming others. As a result of Barnabas, I was able to heal a relationship with my Father and found the courage to admit I was an alcoholic. I’ve now been sober for 18 years! I cannot encourage others strongly enough Barnabas can save your life.

Linda Guest Vincensini



Barnabas forced me to look at how I was doing life. I had to acknowledge the parts of me that weren’t authentic and figure out what I was going to do about them. I chose to go down the more difficult path of living honestly and do not have any regrets. My journey has not been easy, but I can definitely say that I am more fulfilled and happier than I have ever been in my life.

LeeAnn Farris



Barnabas helped me find true love…me. I was able to release all my pain known and unknown in an environment where I was not judged or criticized. I’m still learning to love and accept myself but I wouldn’t be strong enough to do it had it not been for the loving, caring staff at Barnabas.



Barnabas has been one of the most important highlights of my life.By the grace of God I continue to be a courageous woman, able to forgive and stand back up, able to be aware of people’ s struggles and not judge because every single person has a story behind that curtain, able to say I love you to my kids, in spite of the fact that I never heard that as a child…-Carmen, from Spain