Anyone can benefit from the Barnabas Journey.We welcome everyone, from all faiths, races, genders and sexual orientations

Some of the issues that are addressed:

  • Wanting more in personal or business relationships
  • Emotional shut down, running on auto-pilot
  • Addictions or poor life choices
  • Changing patterns & behaviors that are not working in your life.
  • Needing a new start
  • Questioning faith or relationship with God
  • Experiencing authentic community


These workshops allow you the opportunity to make new life choices, to improve the quality of your life in relationships, and to pursue hopes and dreams.

Journey 1

Defense Mechanisms
Taking risks
God’s view of us

Journey 2

Barriers to giving and receiving love
Revisiting painful issues
Experiencing freedom and joy

Journey 3

Looking at self-destructive patterns that keep us from freedom
Exposing the lies that we believe about ourselves and replacing them with truth
Practicing new skills
Setting new goals

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