Counseling or Life Coaching For Individuals

One on one counseling gives you an opportunity to look at what’s working in your life and what’s not working in your life.  In a one-to-one relationship, we will determine what areas and issues in your life you want to change.

We will look at life long patterns or habits you picked up as a way to protect yourself from fear, rejection and pain. You may have a problem to solve or you may need to improve your personal relationships. Maybe you are stuck at one of life’s major crossroads and unable to navigate the intersection alone. Together, we will explore options to break these cycles and look at the barriers that keep you from growing.

As these areas or challenges are identified we will develop a practical plan and you will be asked to take action steps that will ultimately lead you to your goals and dreams.

Life Coaching sessions typically take place from 2-4 times a month depending on your situation. I prefer to work with you face to face but at times, phone sessions can be arranged. Each session is 50 minutes in length and the cost is $75 a session.

Counseling or Life Coaching for Couples

Relationships bring us the greatest joy in life and can also cause us the greatest pain. We are trained in most aspects of life; education, our profession, even in learning to have fun through sports and other activities. However, few of us have truly been educated or even mentored in how to live in relationship. After thirty five years of helping others navigate their way in relationships, this remains one of my greatest passions. Loving marriages, fulfilling partners and friendships, good parenting and even successful business interactions require a lot of work. This kind of work is intentional and demands honest, meaningful, communication. As I work with couples or families we learn how to listen to one another and consider what each of us is doing or not doing in the relationship to make it work. Nothing forces us to grow more than relationships. Don’t allow this most important aspect of life go unattended. In couples counseling we use everyday issues to learn how to treat one another. Practical action steps are given on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to bring back the intimacy and passion that characterizes meaningful relationships.


If you’re interested in receiving counseling or life coaching from Connie Freeman, please email her at or call (214) 680-8079