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Memories Matter

In Barnabas we talk a lot about stopping the cycle; stop the cycle of abuse, stop the cycle of rage, stop the cycle of passiveness, stop the cycle of family secrets. Today I challenge you to keep the cycle going; the cycle of special memories and cherished experiences.

When I was growing up my Dad introduced me to adventure almost every weekend. When I was five years old, it started in a “boat house” on Lake Dallas. It was a small tin structure with one boat stall. He gave me a little stool and a cane pole and told me to watch the red and white bobber. His instructions went something like this;

“When the bobber goes under the water, pull up the pole.
It’s that simple.”

I spent hours mesmerized by the bouncing bobber and ecstatic over every little fish I caught.

So is it any surprise, that all I wanted for my birthday last weekend was to take my grandsons to the lake. Some dear friends gave us the use of their lake house (a vast improvement from the boat stall) and after a quick trip to Walmart, we were set with life jackets and fishing gear. Back at the house, we had our first fishing lesson on the deck.

“Hold the rod like this, push the black button and when the bobber hits the water, turn the handle on the reel one turn and sit and wait.”

About dusk we went out in the boat and didn’t even have a nibble. The boys were so cute and determined. Fearing they would become discouraged, the next day I texted the owner of the house and asked if it was possible to catch the little brim or small “bait” around the boat pier. He instructed me to buy smaller hooks and tear the worms into small pieces. Getting worm under my manicured nails and having worm blood squirt all over my hands is solid proof of my love for our boys.

Within 2 minutes those little fish were grabbing at the bait. I wish I could describe the excitement and celebration that occurred as they reeled in their “first catch.

Following in my Dad’s footsteps, we went swimming in the deep part of the lake and I let them steer the boat and ride the big tube behind the boat. After wearing them out for the second day in a row, we had a big dinner and watched Airbud on TV. They slept like babies and I fell asleep grateful for my Dad and grateful for the blessing of handing down the gifts once given to me.

What memories do you want to pass on to your kids/grand-kids/other family or friends?

Are you willing to take time away and be truly present? No constant emails, texting or other distractions?

What is it you hope to instill into these relationships that they can pass on through generations?

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