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Just Passing Through

Kerry’s dad is in the final stage of his life. Hospice is involved and he is slowly making his way to the other side. While talking to my grandsons, we’ve been trying to explain to them that Ray will not be alive much longer. I’ve used words like dying and death to communicate what’s happening to him. Almost daily one of the kids asks me is KK’s dad dead yet? They follow that with, Mimi will you be dead when I’m a teenager? Though their questions sound harsh to me, it’s simply how they are trying to process death at ages 6 and 7.

Coincidentally, I was reading a blog today that talked about life and death as one event. They used a term I most commonly hear in Black churches or from some of my older black friends. Rather than declaring a final “death” they simply say he/she has passed. As a person of faith who believes that life on earth is simply a part of my life, and short in comparison, what a wonderful way to describe the mystery of passing from living in human form into God’s presence in the heavenly realms (whatever that might look like). What a great teaching moment for my grand-kids as we talk about “passing through” rather than something so final as death. Of course the body dies but that’s only the container. I wonder what my new container will look like in heaven. I’m counting on it looking thin! Sorry, I digress.

As I think about Ray today, it is much easier to celebrate the joy of his eminent passing, even though we will experience the loss of his presence with us. I love knowing my Mom and Dad, Mark, Jean Ann, Barney and others have passed into the better side of life.

One last note… without any prompting, on the way to school this morning, Ben looked at me and said,

Mimi, I hope KK’s dad dies peacefully.

How precious and real are these little ones.

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