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“Generations Can Benefit From Barnabas”

Rucker, 32, had spent years in and out of sobriety. “I had finally gotten sick and tired of being sick and tired. I wasn’t willing to admit that my drinking and using drugs was causing that sinking, empty feeling.”  Rucker decided to try Barnabas. Afterwards, Rucker finally sobered up and says, Barnabas gave me the tools to accept the stuff in my life, and to quit pointing the finger at my childhood.

Next, it was Peggy’s turn. A highly successful businesswoman, Peggy recalls how she protested at Rucker’s request to go to Barnabas. “I had all these excuses.”  Finally, she stopped and considered the situation. “Watching Rucker go through this transformation: I mean, his entire life changed. He has this serenity around him that I envy.”

Peggy decided, reluctantly, to go to Barnabas. That first night someone asked, “what in your life is working?” “I thought about it and realized that nothing was working. My life was spinning out of control, but I was not willing to sit there and admit it. Barnabas allowed me to step out of my body and look at myself with an honest view. It helped me ask, What are my beliefs and what am I doing with my life and how does what I am doing align with my beliefs?”

Peggy continues, “At 63 years of age, I had been in church all my life, I had forced my kids to go, I had done everything that I thought you should do, but I did not know what it felt like to be part of the body of Christ, and that is what Barnabas gave me.”

“There’s not a person on the face of the earth who wouldn’t benefit from Barnabas. Lots of people out there have the tools, but they haven’t been shown how to use them. I don’t think I ever really knew who I was until I went through Barnabas.”

Then it was Ray’s turn. Peggy tells the story. “Barnabas taught us as a family, a common language.  It’s okay for people to have different opinions. We learned that you’re so much stronger together than you are alone. Ray went to Barnabas kicking and screaming, but he got it. The way they were able to reach somebody his age, 72, was remarkable. It’s probably more difficult for us [older people] to grasp.’

Rucker says, “After seeing the change in my dad after Barnabas: for the first time in 32 years, my dad truly, passionately told me, ‘I love you,’ and I wept like a baby.”

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