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Amy Grant Strikes Again

I was listening to some music today as I working on my computer. An old song came on Pandora. It’s an Amy Grant song entitled Doubly Good to You. As only music can, my heart immediately flashed back to a place when I thought about Jesus much more than I do today. How wonderful those early years were with my love affair with Jesus. My abandonment into His care changed my life, every day.

As I’ve gotten older my spiritual roots have grown deep into the soil of God’s rich love and grace. I am more mature in my faith. But should “maturity” eliminate the experience of that feeling in my heart that is indescribably connected to the God who loves me? Perhaps it’s like growing old with a spouse or partner. The early days of falling in love are euphoric, but as the years go by love deepens and pain strangely solidifies true love. But too many of us neglect the passion we once felt and the feeling in our hearts that couldn’t be restrained.

My dear friends Barnie and Doris, who were like parents to me, taught me about mature love and deep passion. They faced numerous challenges in their lives and they walked through pain hand in hand. Married over fifty years, not a day went by where they didn’t stop the other in the hall and share a kiss or long embrace. Numerous times a day they took the time to look into each other’s eyes and tell each other how dearly they were loved. It’s no surprise they loved Jesus the same way. Both of them would tear up as they described God’s goodness in their lives. They served God faithfully and passionately. Barnie recently passed away and in a packed church in Tulia Texas two things were said over and over; “Barnie loved Jesus and Barnie loved Doris.” What a great legacy!

So today, as I read about changes in the church, a new culture of people who are seeking faith in different places and as I examine where I fit in to this theological discussion, I am taking a few precious moments to close my eyes and bask in the arms of my greatest love.

What about you?
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