Child Celebrating Life-2011


This child with outstretched arms symbolizes so much of what Barnabas delivers; Freedom from old habits, passion for relationships and hope for a transformed life.

All of us come to the point in life when we realize that certain things just aren’t working. At that time, we need solutions that will help us alter our direction.

Through Barnabas, many have found answers to their questions and relief from painful habits. You deserve to live an amazing and fulfilling life! The foundation and purpose for our lives remain intact, as we change our behaviors and get different results.

Join Barnabas today and experience what countless others have already learned – that anyone can live a life with passion and purpose. You’ll be glad you did.

Connie Freeman, Barnabas Leader


The Barnabas Journey –

Next Workshop Begins February 15!


Restoring Relationships

Kevin and Alex Gordon

“Barnabas saved our marriage.” Alex Gordon
“[Barnabas] was probably the single biggest thing I’ve done for myself in my life, not only as far as how to relate to other people, but how to feel again, how to get back the passion of life.” Kevin Gordon   More

Personal Life Change

Matt Droter

“I experienced real people who were compassionate and emotionally present.  I gained new tools that have helped me improve my relationships and take a different look at my life.  Barnabas was life changing for me.”


Ed Wise and Sheri Vaden

“I have more passion for life and tools that help me be the strong and confident woman, mom, and counselor I am today.”  Sheri

“I was able to look at myself honestly for the first time in my life, acknowledge what was good and what needed changing, was equipped with the tools to change and the community (family)that helped me bring about that change.”  Ed